How to promote your Instagram account yourself

How to promote your Instagram account yourself

Instagram already has over 1 billion users. Over the past few years, the social network has seriously changed: new tools, advertising opportunities, functions, the audience itself — now there are approximately equal numbers of men and women, an adult audience has increased. In this article, we decided to share ideas on how to independently promote an Instagram account for a personal or commercial brand.

Why it is a good idea to start promoting on Instagram in 2021

Perhaps you tried to do content and promotion before, but something went wrong: there was not enough time, there were no high-quality photos and videos, no sales, etc. Do not despair and do not score on Instagram, in 2021 you have a good chance to independently promote the page, not for the sake of hype, but for the benefit of yourself, your business.

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My personal TOP 5 reasons to start promoting on Instagram in 2021:

The social network has transformed — there is no longer a general fashion for gloss, a perfect picture, a romantic signature in 3-5 words (you can also have a longread).
A lot of new things have come up — live streaming, Stories dominance, IGTV (which is about to start monetizing), advertising tools, business profiles and content creator profiles.
The feed has become secondary — you can no longer make posts 3 times a day, checking every pixel, because there are Stories that disappear after 24 hours.
Spam tools have practically died — the social network began to severely restrict accounts for massliking, massfollowing, and masslooking. This should «throw away» dozens of competitors in every niche who are dumping or selling substandard products.
HYIP passes — hiding likes, changing the interface lead to the fact that content and loyalty will become primary. There will be no likes for the sake of likes, cheats and dead souls. Because 2,000 targeted subscribers and 100 sales per month is better than 50,000 subscribers and 3 sales.
Moreover, this is relevant both for a personal account (personal brand, blogging), and for self-promotion of the company’s Instagram account.

Instagram promotion in 2021

Instagram account promotion in 2021: strategy and design
They used to say: «Instagram is about girls, fashion and cats.» Like now? Instagram is about girls, fashion, cats, sales for B2C and B2B, thematic communities, brand awareness, loyalty building, personal promotion. Instagram is a tool, a platform that provides a number of opportunities. How to use them is a matter of your strategy and implementation.

So first decide on a goal. Variants of answer to the question: «Why do I need an Instagram account»:

sell offline and online goods / services;
promote yourself as a person (for business, blogging, selling your own services);
create a thematic community;
receive traffic for other channels: YouTube, website, Telegram, etc .;
increase brand awareness — reach, loyalty.
When you understand what exactly you want to get from Instagram, it’s time to figure out the strategy. It is built on 4 aspects.

1) Why

What is the goal of promotion, how to define and fix it. For example: Selling 50 pairs of shoes monthly on Instagram.

2) For whom

Who is the target audience (CA) of your account — with whom you will interact, for whom to create content, how to motivate to action: subscribe, watch, order. For example: parents of children 6-17 years old who are potentially interested in the English-language camp.

3) What

What exactly can you give the audience — how will you differ from competitors, how you motivate to follow you, contact you, recommend an account and a brand. For example: everyone sells one-time legal services, why not make a subscription with a subscription to the services of a family lawyer who can solve family issues 24/7.

4) How

How will you promote — how to gain audiences, how to hook people, what to focus on in advertising. For example: no one understands lawyers and is afraid to communicate with them, but I will do live broadcasts and Stories about laws, legal aspects in simple language in the format of “talking with a friend over a glass of wine”.

Tip: Make a short note or Google Doc that clearly articulates these 4 elements: Why, For whom, What and How. 1 A4 page is enough. This document will become your foundations for your strategy and roadmap.

Surely now I want to create, create and promote. Do you know what is in the TOP of typical mistakes when promoting an Instagram account yourself?

Drain money on blogger ads or targeting from an unprepared account.
Missing leads due to misunderstandings.
Be like competitors in terms of content, presentation, service.
A simple promotion algorithm can be derived from these errors:

We find how to stand out and be remembered by our target audience.
We pack the account and prepare it for advertising.
We do not slow down in quality when the client has already contacted.